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Unix command-line sofware
(There are many more than listed here. Recompliation may be required.)

  MacOS X utilities

R R (GNU S): A language and environment for statistical computing and graphics []
my MySQL: The world's most popular open source database []
chick CocoaMySQL: The open source MySQL database manager for Mac OS X []
Fetch Fetch: an easy-to-use, full-featured FTP and SFTP client for Apple Macintosh (free educational license) []
Fugu Fugu: A free Mac OS X SFTP, SCP and SSH Frontend []
MacSFTP MacSFTP Carbon: A Secure FTP application for Mac OS X []
VPN AlmostVPN: an SSH tunnel manager for Mac OS X (becomes as Preference Panel) []
vine server Vine server: Free, fast VNC server (formerly OSXvnc) []
vine Vine viewer: VNC viewer for OSXvnc (feature-rich, but not free) []
chick Chicken of the VNC: VNC client for Mac OS X []
jolly JollyFastVNC: Very fast VNC viewer []
Firefox Firefox 2: An open-source web browser []
bbedit BBEdit: Professional HTML and text editor (TextWrangler is the free version) []
GC GraphicConverter: A shareware for converting many picture formats and for picture manipulation []
GV MacGhostView: A postscript viewer based on ghostscript, includes also macps2pdf (a shareware) []
PCalc PCalc: A fully featured scientific calculator (a shareware) []
chrono ChronoSync: file and folder synchronizations and backups []
ccclone Carbon Copy Cloner: A cloning (backup) utility for Mac OS X (free for Education) []
DW DiakWarrior: Essential Mac Disk Utility (commercial, but cannot live without) []

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