Linux cluster


Main Cluster: bioservx

  • Master node: Intel Xeon Six Core E5-2620 (2GHz x 2; 64GB; 120GBx2 SSD+ 3TBx6 HD; CentOS 7.5)
  • Compute nodes: node15 - node20
    (Intel Xeon Quad or Six Core; 2.4 - 2.93GHz x 2; 24 - 256GB)
  • Stand-alone node: node251
    (Intel Xeon Eight Core E5-3601; 2.4GHz x 2; 512GB; 80GB SSD + 4TBx8 HD)

Web Servers

  • bioinfolab: Intel Xeon Ten Core E5-2630 (2.2GHz x 2; 64GB; 200GBx2 SSD+ 4TBx2 HD; CentOS 7.5)
  • crridb: Intel Xeon Ten Core E5-2630 (2.2GHz x 2; 32GB; 240GBx2 SSD+ 6TBx8 HD; CentOS 7.5)

TORQUE distributed resource manager

(used to control over batch jobs and distributed compute nodes)

Databases available on our servers


Note: Information below has not been updated

BAliBASE: A benchmark alignment database

GPCRDB: Information system for G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs)

NCBI databases

  • Main database files:
    • Unformatted: FASTA format w/ annotations (directory: /home/data/databases/blast/db/UnformattedDB)
    • Formatted: Used for BLAST search (directory: /home/data/databases/blast/db/OurFormattedDB)
  • Update: weekly (and monthly full download from NCBI)
  • NCBI Blast web page
  • Associated program: BLAST (see Software section below)
  • Database lists:

Pfam: Database of protein domains and HMMs

PRINTS: Protein Fingerprint Database

PROSITE: Database of protein families and domains

SWISS-PROT: Protein Knowledgebase
TrEMBL: Computer-annotated supplement to SWISS-PROT

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