Strope, P. K. and Moriyama, E. N. (2007)
"Simple Alignment-free Methods for Protein Classification: A Case Study from G-Protein Coupled Receptors." Genomics 89: 602-612

— Datasets used in the study —

Each dataset is available in three formats:
   the list of accession numbers, sequences in FASTA format, and sequences in SwissProt format.

[Datasets used for within- & between-class tests]

See Tables 2 for the dataset description

[Datasets used for Class A analysis]

See Tables 4 for the dataset description

NOTE: The sequence data used in this study were originally obtained in 2004 from GPCRDB (for positives) and SwissProt (for negatives). Some sequences may have been changed in these databases since then. For the most recent version, see each database:
- GPCRDB: Information system for G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs)
- Swiss-Prot: Protein knowledgebase