Eyun, S., Moriyama, H., Hoffmann, F. G. and Moriyama, E. N. (2016)
"Molecular Evolution and Functional Divergence of Trace Amine-Associated Receptors"
PLOS ONE 11: e0151023

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[Supplementary tables and figures included with the manuscript]
[Phylogenetic trees]

Figure 2. Ten representative animals (based on MAFFT, in Newick format)

Figure 3. 24 gnathostome genomes (based on MAFFT, in Newick format)

Expanded version of the phylogeny shown in Figure S1

  • Abbreviations for species name in newick format and sequences (Excel file)

  • [TAAR protein sequences in FASTA format]

    See Supplementary Table S2 for the description of each sequence

    [TAAR alignments]
    [TreeSAAP results]

    Amino acid substitutions are analyzed in the context of 539 physicochemical properties from the amino acid index (AAindex)

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