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Coccidiodis immitis RMSCC 2394
      #QueryLengthSubjectLengthDescriptionTaxAlign LenE value% ident.  % pos. Fungal hits Metazoa hits Plant hits
seqOrtho button31CIRG_01922111 AAH97743.1 394   LOC733256 protein [Xenopus laevis][TAXONID:8355:TAXDIV:Meta...M81  2.53348020
seqOrtho button32CIRG_02028126 EHJ71278.1 1285   aldehyde oxidase 2 [Danaus plexippus][TAXONID:13037:TAXDIV:...M51  4.52951010
seqOrtho button33CIRG_02064158 EAX11732.1 184   hCG1797938 [Homo sapiens][TAXONID:9606:TAXDIV:Metazoa]...M71  4.33051010
seqOrtho button34CIRG_0209875 XP_002915641.1 1445   PREDICTED: LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: protein SFI1 homolog [Ailu...M33  0.0415558010
seqOrtho button35CIRG_02103130 XP_002029333.1 88   GL16347 [Drosophila persimilis] gi|194116693|gb|EDW38736.1...M50  7.94250010
seqOrtho button36CIRG_02133136 EFN61939.1 84   hypothetical protein EAG_00101 [Camponotus floridanus][TAX...M66  0.523244010
seqOrtho button37CIRG_02143117 XP_687811.5 1621   PREDICTED: collagen alpha-2(IV) chain, partial [Danio reri...M63  0.182954010
seqOrtho button38CIRG_0219180 XP_003444031.1 610   PREDICTED: nuclear receptor subfamily 2 group C member 1-l...M50  0.413660020
seqOrtho button39CIRG_02501197 EFN76093.1 469   Ets DNA-binding protein pokkuri [Harpegnathos saltator][TA...M63  0.123554010
seqOrtho button40CIRG_02525121 AFE55834.1 359   si:dkey-174m14.3, partial [Cichla temensis][TAXONID:81336:...M63  5.33546040
seqOrtho button41CIRG_02605170 ADG44977.1 1158   hypothetical protein [Acropora millepora][TAXONID:45264:TAX...M165  0.322741010
seqOrtho button42CIRG_02707121 XP_683123.5 2327   PREDICTED: retinal-specific ATP-binding cassette transport...M65  0.412951030
seqOrtho button43CIRG_0282054 XP_002751167.1 25   PREDICTED: hypothetical protein LOC100407576 [Callithrix j...M24  0.137988080
seqOrtho button44CIRG_02863108 XP_001372176.2 413   PREDICTED: forkhead box protein H1-like [Monodelphis domes...M68  0.05335540880
seqOrtho button45CIRG_0294356 XP_002434864.1 541   adenylate cyclase, putative [Ixodes scapularis] gi|2154981...M34  1.53559020
seqOrtho button46CIRG_02954215 XP_001603999.2 598   PREDICTED: solute carrier family 22 member 3-like [Nasonia...M116  0.812945010
seqOrtho button47CIRG_02957126 XP_001892748.1 1509   multidrug resistance related protein 1 [Brugia malayi] gi|...M108  0.0133046010
seqOrtho button48CIRG_03128151 XP_002096805.1 653   GE24851 [Drosophila yakuba] gi|194182906|gb|EDW96517.1| GE...M80  2.13144020
seqOrtho button49CIRG_03203436 XP_002125420.1 439   PREDICTED: similar to retinaldehyde dehydrogenase 2 [Ciona...M118  1.92945020
seqOrtho button50CIRG_0326465 ABS52765.1 371   seminal plasma glycoprotein 120 [Pseudocrenilabrus multico...M26  1.24665030
seqOrtho button51CIRG_03325164 XP_002575840.1 748   zinc finger protein [Schistosoma mansoni][TAXONID:6183:TAX...M59  1.93749020
seqOrtho button52CIRG_03387120 XP_003420168.1 481   PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein C15orf33-like [Loxodont...M56  1.93255070
seqOrtho button53CIRG_03407152 EHJ74032.1 254   hypothetical protein KGM_18604 [Danaus plexippus][TAXONID:...M30  44760010
seqOrtho button54CIRG_03556108 XP_003247524.1 424   PREDICTED: FMRFamide receptor-like [Acyrthosiphon pisum][T...M71  0.743846010
seqOrtho button55CIRG_03587118 CCD79705.1 4148   hypothetical protein Smp_175450 [Schistosoma mansoni][TAXO...M110  5.52747010
seqOrtho button56CIRG_03632114 XP_003241536.1 632   PREDICTED: hypothetical protein LOC100575652 [Acyrthosipho...M64  0.473345010
seqOrtho button57CIRG_03640128 XP_003379223.1 172   ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2-21 protein [Trichinella sp...M99  0.663244040
seqOrtho button58CIRG_03669239 XP_001362673.2 605   PREDICTED: arylsulfatase F [Monodelphis domestica][TAXONID...M178  3.42036010
seqOrtho button59CIRG_03832114 XP_001515718.1 166   PREDICTED: poly [ADP-ribose] polymerase 3-like, partial [O...M92  0.0862845010
seqOrtho button60CIRG_03903100 XP_002095904.1 168   GE25376 [Drosophila yakuba] gi|194182005|gb|EDW95616.1| GE...M82  5.12950010
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