Bioinformatics Related Laboratories at UNL*
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  Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Arts and Sciences
  Business Adminstration Engineering and Technology
  Biotechnology Center UNMC/UNO
  College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
Agronomy and Horticulture
  Sally Mackenzie Arabidopsis genomics
  Jeffrey Mower Molecular evolution and comparative genomics of plants
Animal Science
  John Weber Systems Biology, Animal Biotechnology
  Vadim Gladyshev Bioinformatics of cellular redox regulation
  Steve Kachman Statistical analysis of genomics data with an emphasis on generalized linear mixed models
  Steve Ladunga Systems biology of gene regulation and chromosomal organization
Food Science and Technology
  Andrew Benson Population genomics of foodborne pathogenic bacteria
Plant Pathology
  Steven Harris Fungal genomics
Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
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  College of Arts and Sciences
Biological Sciences
  Paul Blum Genetics and genomics of archaea
  Scott Gardner Parasitology
  Lawrence Harshman Genomics to study aging and other complex traits
  Etsuko Moriyama Bioinformatics, molecular evolution, and molecular population genetics
  Hideaki Moriyama Structural biology, microgravity science, biophysics, and genetics
  Guillermo Orti Molecular systematics and population biology
Computer Science and Engineering
  Jitender Deogun Whole genome alignment, RNA folding, data mining, structural and algorithmic graph theory, and design and analysis of algorithms
  Stephen Scott Machine learning, algorithm design and analysis, cellular redox regulation
  Leo Chouinard Mathematical aspects of bioinformatics
  Bo Deng Biological modeling
  Glenn Ledder Biological modeling
  David Logan Biological modeling
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  College of Business Administration
  Keng Siau Healthcare informatics, information retrieval, information systems development, data mining, database design
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  College of Engineering and Technology
Electrical Engineering
  Khalid Sayood Long-range interactions within DNA sequence
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  Center for Biotechnology
Bioinformatics Core Facility
  Jean-Jack M. Riethoven Alternative splicing, databases
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  University of Nebraska-Medical Center
Bioinformatics Shared Resource
  Simon Sherman Protein structure
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  University of Nebraska at Omaha
Department of Biology
  Guoqing Lu Biological database systems, species phylogeny, and microarray profile exploration
Department of Computer Science
  Mark Pauley Microarray analysis and design, bioinformatics programming
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