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Chaetomium globosum
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seqOrtho button1CHGG_0024751 XP_003691034.1 1024   PREDICTED: formin-like protein CG32138-like [Apis florea][...M31  1.35565020
seqOrtho button2CHGG_00340315 EDL31064.1 665   mCG2299, isoform CRA_c [Mus musculus][TAXONID:10090:TAXDIV:...M133  1.12646010
seqOrtho button3CHGG_00360158 CAG12989.1 320   unnamed protein product [Tetraodon nigroviridis][TAXONID:9...M75  1.13747020
seqOrtho button4CHGG_00368321 XP_002426318.1 2034   hypothetical protein Phum_PHUM248030 [Pediculus humanus co...M145  0.0182642030
seqOrtho button5CHGG_00405195 XP_003400927.1 912   PREDICTED: GPI ethanolamine phosphate transferase 2-like [...M54  8.83754010
seqOrtho button6CHGG_0059777 XP_002609754.1 393   hypothetical protein BRAFLDRAFT_78582 [Branchiostoma flori...M71  103446010
seqOrtho button7CHGG_0060477 XP_003478219.1 577   PREDICTED: LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: acyl-coenzyme A synthetase...M61  53448010
seqOrtho button8CHGG_00819230 XP_003691069.1 1468   PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein LOC100863995 [Apis flor...M89  0.223045060
seqOrtho button9CHGG_0087041 AAX27310.1 62   unknown [Schistosoma japonicum] gi unknown [Schistosoma jap...M32  6.84469010
seqOrtho button10CHGG_00945361 ADK62391.1 2727   papilin, partial [Rhipicephalus microplus][TAXONID:6941:TAX...M32  3.75363010
seqOrtho button11CHGG_01068218 XP_001514226.2 726   PREDICTED: leucine-rich repeat and calponin homology domai...M98  1.33042010
seqOrtho button12CHGG_01145164 XP_001663101.1 748   myotubularin [Aedes aegypti] gi|108881470|gb|EAT45695.1| m...M42  3.74862040
seqOrtho button13CHGG_01368109 XP_003416097.1 1738   PREDICTED: FERM and PDZ domain-containing protein 4 [Loxod...M69  2.233390100
seqOrtho button14CHGG_0146759 XP_002935534.1 872   PREDICTED: SH2 domain-containing protein 3C-like [Xenopus ...M35  2.34660010
seqOrtho button15CHGG_01522158 XP_001870676.1 1339   guanylate cyclase [Culex quinquefasciatus] gi|167870410|gb...M103  0.122940010
seqOrtho button16CHGG_01734127 XP_002097329.1 1808   GE24551 [Drosophila yakuba] gi|194183430|gb|EDW97041.1| GE...M70  0.723753010
seqOrtho button17CHGG_0183442 BAE88187.1 355   unnamed protein product [Macaca fascicularis][TAXONID:9541:...M37  5.24162010
seqOrtho button18CHGG_0190641 CAX15075.1 263   CTF18, chromosome transmission fidelity factor 18 homolog ...M32  5.74153010
seqOrtho button19CHGG_0198595 EFZ17796.1 812   hypothetical protein SINV_80125 [Solenopsis invicta][TAXON...M41  6.23754010
seqOrtho button20CHGG_02056500 XP_001995090.1 5399   GH22959 [Drosophila grimshawi] gi|193899296|gb|EDV98162.1|...M266  4.42835020
seqOrtho button21CHGG_02079135 BAB91147.1 683   OmCLC-K [Oreochromis mossambicus][TAXONID:8127:TAXDIV:Metaz...M76  0.143450020
seqOrtho button22CHGG_02109161  159  S37766 hypothetical protein - fruit fly (Drosophila miranda...M57  63347010
seqOrtho button23CHGG_02148108 CBY23057.1 1061   unnamed protein product [Oikopleura dioica][TAXONID:34765:...M28  1.55468020
seqOrtho button24CHGG_02250174 NP_001090423.1 867   E2F transcription factor 7 [Xenopus laevis] gi|116487660|g...M89  3.82949020
seqOrtho button25CHGG_02517235 XP_003423047.1 1318   PREDICTED: hypothetical protein LOC100674208 [Loxodonta af...M110  1.13041030
seqOrtho button26CHGG_02661123 XP_002199933.1 370   PREDICTED: similar to Muc3 protein [Taeniopygia guttata][T...M69  1.73054020
seqOrtho button27CHGG_02676174 XP_002400230.1 460   fascin, putative [Ixodes scapularis] gi|215495256|gb|EEC04...M58  2.93448010
seqOrtho button28CHGG_02911107 XP_002196888.1 858   PREDICTED: similar to pol protein [Taeniopygia guttata][TA...M30  1.45360010
seqOrtho button29CHGG_02959238 NP_001030567.1 106   uncharacterized protein C8orf4 homolog [Bos taurus] gi|711...M58  0.983347010
seqOrtho button30CHGG_0304461 NP_001178532.1 1110   partner and localizer of BRCA2 [Rattus norvegicus][TAXONID...M39  83856020
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