Osiris_hiro Shah, N., Dorer, D. R., Moriyama, E. N. and Christensen, A. C. (2012)
"Evolution of a large, conserved and syntenic gene family in insects."

G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 2: 313-319.

— Supplementary data —

[Supplementary tables and figures included with the manuscript]
[Osiris protein sequences in FASTA format]

See Supplementary Table S2 for the description of each sequence

[Osiris protein alignments]

All alignments were generated using Mafft with L-INS-i algorithm

[MEME motif analysis for Drosophila melanogaster Osiris proteins]

MEME analysis was done using http://meme.sdsc.edu/meme/cgi-bin/meme.cgi

NOTE1: Correspondence of MEME motifs and the Osiris signatures is as follows.
- 2-Cys domain: Motif10 (not always) + Motif5
- DUF1676: Motif3 + Motif2 + Motif8 + Motif1
- AQXLAY motif: Motif4

NOTE2: The above MEME result webarchive file (or html link) can be used to search the ten Osiris motifs in your own sequences. Download the webarchive and open it in any browser (or click the html link in any browser), then click on the "MAST" button at the bottom of the "Discovered Motifs" section to submit your sequences.

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