Seong-il Eyun, Haichuan Wang, Yannick Pauchet, Richard H. ffrench-Constant, Andrew K. Benson, Arnubio Valencia-Jiménez, Etsuko N. Moriyama, and Blair D. Siegfried (2014)
"Molecular Evolution of Glycoside Hydrolase Genes in the Western Corn Rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera)." PLoS One 9: e94052

— Supplementary tables and figures included with the manuscript —

— GH sequences used —

[GH genes identified from the D. v. virgifera transcriptomes in this study]

[GH protein sequences used in the phylogenetic analysis]

Protein sequences in fasta format

Protein alignmens generated by MAFFT (in fasta format)

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