Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, and related courses at UNL

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(Last updated: June 4, 2021)

Course #Course name InstructorSemesterCRPrereq.
BIOS 337 Basic Applications of Bioinformatics Hideaki Moriyama (SBS)Fall4 LIFE120, 120L
BIOS 426/826 Systems Biology (online) Chi Zhang (SBS)Fall3 LIFE120, 121, STAT218
BIOS 427/827 Practical Bioinformatics Laboratory Hideaki Moriyama (SBS)Spring3 BIOS206
BIOS 477/877 Bioinformatics and Molecular Evolution Etsuko Moriyama (SBS)Spring3 BIOS206
BIOS 942 Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics of Prokaryotes Paul Blum (SBS)Fall (not every year)3  
BIOS 967 Introduction to R for Biological Sciences Dai Shizuka (SBS) 3  
BIOC 439/839 Dynamics of Biochemical and Biological Networks Tomas Helikar (Biochemistry)Spring3 BIOS206, BIOC401
FDST 896 Bioinformatics Skills for Food Genomics Yanbin Yin (FST)Fall3  
AGRO 420/820 Bioinformatics Applications in Agriculture Keenan Amundsen (Agronomy)Fall3 AGRO215
ASCI 432/832 Genome Analysis Daniel Ciobanu (Animal Sci.)Spring3 AGRO215, BIOC401
ASCI 996 Problems in Animal Production (including microbiome analysis) Samodha Fernando (Animal Sci.)
NRES/STAT 803 Ecological Statistics (online) Drew Tyre (Natural Resources)Fall4 STAT801 or equivalent
NRES 498/898 Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Challenges and Agriculture Sruti Das Choudhury (Natural Resources)3  
PLPT 492/892 Practical Computing for Biologists Josh Herr (Plant Path)3  
PLPT 492/892 Microbial Ecology and Metagenomics of the Microbiome Josh Herr (Plant Path) 3  
STAT 841 Statistical Methods for High Throughput Biological Data   (Statistics)3 STAT801A
STAT 868 An Introduction to R programming (online)  Spring1  

[ Computer Science and Engineering courses ]

Course #Course name InstructorSemesterCRPrereq.
BSEN 892 Special Topics: Microbial Community Modeling Hyun-Seob Song (BSE)Spring3  
BSEN 951 Advanced Mathematical Modeling in Biological Engineering Hyun-Seob Song (BSE)Fall3  
ECEN 450/850 Bioinformatics Hasan Otu (ECE)3 STAT380
ECEN 453/853 Computational and Systems Biology Hasan Otu (ECE)Spring3  
CSCE 458/858 Molecular and Nanoscale Communication Massimiliano Pierobon (CSE)Fall3 CSCE310 (311/890), STAT380
CSCE 459/859 Genetically Engineered Systems Massimiliano Pierobon (CSE)Spring3 CSCE310 (311/890), STAT380
CSCE 471/871 Computational Methods in Bioinformatics Juan Cui (CSE)Spring3 CSCE310 (311/890)
CSCE 971 Advanced Bioinformatics   (CSE)Spring3 CSCE471/871

[ Other Computer Science and Engineering courses (programming, machine learning, etc.)]

Course #Course name InstructorSemesterCRPrereq.
CSCE 474/874 Introduction to Data Mining Ashok Samal or Juan Cui (CSE)Spring3 CSCE310 (311/890), STAT380
CSCE 476/876 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence   (CSE)Fall3 CSCE310 (311/890)
CSCE 478/878 Introduction to Machine Learning Stephen Scott (CSE)Fall3 CSCE310 (311/890)
CSCE 479/879 Introduction to Deep Learning Stephen Scott (CSE)Fall3 CSCE310 (311/890)
CSCE 155T/890 Computer Science I: Informatic Focus
(Python programming)
  (CSE)Spring3 MATH102
CSCE 311/890 Data Structures and Algorithms for Informatics (equivalent to CSCE310 for non-CS major)   (CSE)Spring3 CSCE155/890
ECEN 935 Computational Intelligence Wei Qiao (ECE)Fall3 MATH208/221/314
ENGR 491/891 Practical Machine Learning Mohammad R. Hasan (CSE)Spring3